Exclusive! Discover in our Facebook page web "Airotel Camping Club Marina-Landes****" the photos of our 2 new rentals for the 2018 season.
The 5-person Canopée and 5 to 7-person Grand Canopée bungalows will enchant you with their privileged location at the bottom of the campsite, along the fence. 
Enjoy their incomparable view of our beautiful Landes Forest and spend moments of relaxation on their superb terraces in complete harmony with the countryside that surrounds you.

Good Deals

Camping des Landes, Club Marina

Rentals in Landes

The Club Marina-Landes offers a wide variety of rentals: Cottages, Apartments, Bungalows, Chalets, Lodges.

Garden Apartments

Bungalows "Wood and Canvas"
Return to authenticity and nature!

Constructed in wood, both inside and outside.

Top of the range rental and eco-design product*.

Modeled on the classic mobile home, cottages represent the latest development. More comfortable, better insulated, more functional with an appearance similar to a chalet, each has its benefits. All our cottages are eco-design products*.

Other information:

A small tent (max. 2,5 x 2,5) may be pitched free of charge but exclusively on the Cottages, Bungalows Oyat and Ségosa and Chalets sites if you wish and if the site is big enough without exceeding the number of persons allowed into the tenancy.

The furnished rentals are rented without board or toilet linens. Complete bedding linen is provided, one coverage per bed. Pillow slips, fitted sheets and sheets are disposable (not made of cloth). Fresh linens are on sale at the reception desk (Set single bed: 3 €, double kit: 4.5 €). Option of renting cloth sheets and additional coverage.

The price also includes parking for 1 car (2 for the Chalet, Lodge, Apartment Pin, cottages Azur, Marina and Alize), gas, electricity and access to all the free services of the campsite.

On this website, non-contractual photo and diagram not to scale, intended to give an indication of how the interior and exterior are arranged. The inventories are simply indicative and may change without notice.

* an eco-design product is a product for which the global ecological consequences or the impact on the environment and on human health are positive on the entire cycle of life, for the same use, with controlled costs and a comparable degree of satisfaction for the consumer. As such the eco-design presupposes a global approach, which integrates respect for the environment in the design and even the products or services, from the extraction of raw materials to the handling of waste.