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What to do in Vielle Saint Girons during your camping holiday?

Located on the Côte d'Argent, 40 km from the Club Marina Landes campsite, Vielle Saint Girons is a charming seaside resort in the Marensin region, renowned for its beaches, its heritage and the gentle way of life that is characteristic of this small part of the Landes.

3 villages, 3 atmospheres between forest and ocean

40 minutes from our campsite in Mimizan-Plage, Vielle Saint Girons has many facets and is divided into three villages: Vielle, Saint-Girons-Plage and Saint-Girons-en-Marensin. Just a stone's throw from Lake Léon and the beach, Vielle is famous for its decorated water tower and La Maison des Paysans Landais, a temple of local gastronomy. A little further on, the village of Saint-Girons has all the assets that make up the charm of the small Landes seaside resorts: relaxation, beach and sun! As for Saint-Girons-en-Marensin, it is the administrative centre of the commune.

Saint-Girons-plage, a perpetual holiday atmosphere

With its small family village atmosphere, Saint-Girons is "the place to be" for lovers of seaside tourism. There are shops, restaurants with sunny terraces and seafront villas. Saint-Girons-Plage is a long ribbon of fine sand stretching for almost 13 km. People come here to play in the waves as much as to surf and bodyboard. And during the summer, from 7pm to midnight, a big night market takes place every Tuesday.

Vielle, the "Lette Blanche" and the lake beach

In Vielle, a few kilometres from the villages of Vielle-Saint-Girons and Léon, the Lette Blanche beach is considered to be one of the wildest in the Landes, which makes it a privileged place to sunbathe or surf in a breathtaking setting. Be careful though: swimming is not supervised! The neighbouring Arnaoutchot beach is one of the most beautiful naturist beaches in France. A calm and respectful place.

A short distance from Vielle, the beach at Lac de Léon offers freshwater swimming for families, with fine sand for sunbathers and large shaded areas for picnics or naps in the shade of the pines. Sportsmen and women are not left out and can indulge in their favourite activity: windsurfing, catamaran, canoeing or pedal boats... It is also here that you will find the inevitable and majestic Courant d'Huchet which links the lake of Léon to the ocean

The heritage of Vielle Saint Girons

When camping near Vielle Saint Girons, heritage lovers will not be left out. In the village of Saint Girons, you can discover the "colonne de sauveté", erected between the 11th and 12th centuries. In this area, limited by bollards, it was impossible to pursue fugitives. Further on, you can see the first filtering well in the Landes de Gascogne, invented by Henri Crouzet in 1856 and set off in a backlit glass pyramid. In Vielle, it is the water tower transformed into a work of art that is the talk of the town. It is decorated with trompe-l'oeil frescoes by local artist Anne Larose!

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