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Camping near Sainte Eulalie en Born

Halfway between Mimizan and Biscarrosse, in the middle of the Landes forest, Sainte Eulalie en Born is a small Landes village moored at the southern tip of the lake of Biscarrosse and Parentis. You are here in the heart of the country of Born, a pretty region of the Landes de Gascogne coastline. What to do and see in Sainte Eulalie en Born during the holidays? Follow the guide!

The village of Sainte Eulalie-en-Born

To discover this small village in the north of the Landes, you have to go to the southern tip of the Biscarrosse-Parentis lake, in the Born region, 15 km from our campsite at Mimizan Plage. It is here, in the heart of the Landes forest and the Great Landes Lakes, that Sainte-Eulalie-en-Born is located.

Sainte Eul', as it is called here, is a small village of 1280 souls, with a bakery, a grocery shop and a few cafés and restaurants, offering a friendly stopover in any season. In the centre of the village, the "Place de la Grange", lined with plane trees, brings together inhabitants and tourists during the village festivals that liven up the summer. Near the town hall, an old wash-house evokes the not so distant era of the washerwomen and you can still see some half-timbered houses typical of the region.

Sainte Eulalie-en-Born owes its name to a Spanish saint, Eulalie (Oladie), who was born in Merida and martyred in 304. The church of Sainte-Eulalie dates from the 13th century, a period marked by the presence of the Knights of Malta. Only the choir remains from the original church. The chapel of the Virgin, which opens onto the nave, is decorated with a fresco representing a Pietà (Virgin of Pity), the work of François Archiguille, one of the best known contemporary French painters abroad.

Further on, a stone's throw from the forest, stands the Manoir de Probert, a 17th century residence that belonged, among others, to Paul Déroulède, a politician under the Third Republic, and Paul Sargos, co-founder of "Médecins sans frontières", who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. At the end of the road, you will find the statue of the Virgin of Maylis (mother of the lilies), which is much venerated in the Landes. It is installed in a dummy tree trunk. To get a bit of height, you will have to climb to the top of the tuc du Castet. The small hill offers a panoramic view of the roofs of the village and its surroundings.

The beach of the Sainte Eulalie lake

About ten kilometres from the ocean beaches of Mimizan, the lake of Sainte Eulalie en Born, one of the largest in the Landes, covers an area of 3600 ha. It is connected to the lake of Cazaux by the "canal du littoral des Landes" and to the lake of Aureilhan by the "courant de Sainte Eulalie".

On the south coast of the lake of Biscarrosse, the beach of the lake of Sainte Eulalie is very appreciated by campers. In addition to swimming, there are many other water sports available: sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, canoeing, paddling, etc. There is also a small marina, very charming and quiet, with a magnificent view over the lake.

  • For families: the lake beach is supervised in summer. A wooden playground allows children to have fun before or after swimming.
  • For fishermen: the lake of Sainte Eulalie abounds in white fish (trout, pike, perch, pike-perch, catfish...). A godsend for carnivore fishing enthusiasts in the Landes!
  • For cyclists: the beach of the lake is linked to the town of Saint Eulalie by a cycle track, which allows you to reach Gastes, further north, through the forest.

The state forest and the marsh

In Sainte-Eulalie-en-Born, nature is omnipresent. Starting with the state forest which is part of the great Landes de Gascogne forest. It extends over 4,500 hectares to Mimizan. The Vélodyssée, the longest cycle path in France, crosses the forest and takes you to the edge of the lake at Aureilhan.
The Estagnot and the marsh - nicknamed "La petite Amazone" - are also worth a visit. You will follow the small, peaceful canals to the lake of Sainte Eulalie, accompanied by the flight of many birds: grey herons, white spoonbills, kingfishers and other spotted sandpipers. Guided walks are organised in spring and summer.

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